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Each year tens of thousands of people across the UK are claiming their uniform tax rebate from HMRC. There are a number of reasons why you could have overpaid it and be due a tax refund. Claiming a rebate couldn’t be any easier. If you meet any of the criteria below, then you are more than likely due a tax rebate. You will be able to claim for up to the previous four tax years.

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What can I claim for?

Uniform Tax Rebate

If you wear a uniform with a logo or specialised clothing to work, and have to wash it at home, you could be due a uniform tax rebate. HMRC have agreed that you can get relief on the cost of cleaning, repairing or replacing a uniform. You must be required to wear it for work, it must be a recognisable uniform and you must have to launder it yourself with no contribution from your employer. A uniform tax rebate can be backdated for four years.

Car Mileage Allowance

If you are required to use your own car for work duties and your employer doesn’t reimburse you, you could claim a car mileage allowance from the HMRC. Some employers may provide mileage relief for employees; it varies from company to company. For the current year you can claim it back on 45p per mile for business, and we can go back up to four years. On average, a mileage rebate is £1500.

Tools Tax Allowance

If you buy your own tools, specialist equipment or clothing for work then you can claim a tools allowance rebate from the HMRC. If your employer doesn’t provide any compensation for the purchase of tools then HMRC allows you to claim back a rebate on these products. Tools allowances can be claimed for the last 4 years. You are also allowed to claim on professional subscription fees. Also, if you work away from home occasionally you can claim back for any meals, hotel bills and business phone calls. On average, a tools claim is £1300.

Did You Know
Tools and mileage claims regularly require self-assessments for each year you are claiming. A good rebate firm will include this as part of its service

Working from Home Rebate

If you are required to work from home occasionally, then you could be entitled to as much as £676.
You can claim for any business expenses incurred when you work from home such as extra heating or electric, HMRC does not allow any domestic expenses to be claimed such as mortgage or council tax.

For each client we speak to, we look to maximise their rebate.  Normally its not just a Uniform Tax Rebate that we can claim for but other things too.  Unlike other rebate firms, we interact with you to get you a bigger refund.  Over 20,000 clients have been helped in the past twelve months, could you be the next one?

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